Chile is a millenary heritage of those who inhabited this land about 9000 years ago. When they found some small fruits in wild shrubs and began the process of domestication and development. My father besides the surname I inherit the taste for drawing and the symbols. (Japanese ideograms).
Wide Chili
It is a variety of chile that is used dry. Although you do not have to trust yourself, sometimes your itching is considerable. This is why my work exhibits a fierce appearance and a sting of alacran that speaks of how dangerous it can be.
Angry Sun
It is a tradition in the Mexican food, that the chili is not missing, in sauce or as my grandmother used to say, even if it is a green chile with bites. However, this can be very surprising, because you do not know how much you can bite when you eat like this. On the other hand the sun, (the Guero – popular way of naming the sun) sometimes gets angry, and we know that life on earth depends on it.
Water Chili, the gods gift.
Acrylic over canvas, 0.60 x 0.80 m.
Its itching makes the sky cry. Appreciated for its mild flavor and moderate itching. Indispensable in the preparation of yellow mole.
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