The smoke of reality

Acrílico sobre tela. 0.60 x 0.80 m.
The bronze mirrors of Iran 2000 years before Christ inherited by the Greeks as Socrates, which proposed the mirror as an object of self-knowledge, they are part of the culture of the ancient peoples of America, the obsidian mirror that produces the smoke that distorts the true reality is a clear example of this concept

Green Stone Heart
Acrilico sobre tela 0.60 x 0.80 m.
Grandparents used to call this way the tender heart of the corn ready to germinate. In Eastern cultures it is the center chakra, that energy center that connects us with love and works as a connection between the lower and higher part of our body, by the way it is also green.

The one who never gets old.
Acrylic over canvas, 0.80 x 1.20 m.
Protector of young warriors and wizards, its territory is the night sky of the north. He is considered to be the creator of the fire although he does not have the task of caring for it.

Heaven Arrow
Acrylic over canvas, 1.20 x 0.80 m.
The triangle is a universal symbol of a geometric figure that we find in nature, in general terms it represents the human intention to communicate with the whole. To rise from the material plane in which we find ourselves to reach the higher spiritual plane.

He walks in the dark
Acrylic over canvas, 0.80 x 1.20 m.
This is the biggest feline of this side of the planet, it serves the Sun with its attributes as a powerful animal. With he´s night vision, with its ability to cross the rivers and climb steep sites, its intuition to find the path and guess the dangers It is of extraordinary help to the solar warrior on his way across the darkness.
Anáhuatl, protective jewel.
Acrylic over canvas 0.60 x 0.80 m.

Chalchihuatl , The precious Liquid.
Acrylic over canvas 0.60 x 0.80 m.

Southern Arrow

It throws its darts at the past, destroying the negative beliefs and attitudes that stop us to evolve. He lives in the south, direction of the blue color. He communicates with us through intuition.
Star Necklace
She the one with the star necklace.
The primal feminine divinity, which takes its role in the creation of the universe, wearing a beautiful necklace of stars. For me, “The milky way”.
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